Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Many thanks, to the team at the http://www.theinfluenceronline.com/ for featuring Zoemou in their recent blog spots. The Blue Moon and Nomadic Sun collection can be purchased at www.savethelastpinker.com.au 


The team at the INFLUENCERS have combined forces with the SAVE THE LAST PINKER and are seen wearing Zoemou jewellery. The three bloggers are Alice, Alyce and Ash. Here are some fun facts about each of the bloggers!

Alice “I favour structured silhouettes and twist trends with a personal perspective. I always gravitate towards bright colours and graphic prints”.

Alyce “Depending on what side of the bed I wakes up on, you could find me dressed in head-to-toe black on a Monday, a vintage dress on a Tuesday and a structured shorts suit on a Wednesday: I likes a statement!

Ash  “I tend to walk out of the house in unstructured, yet oversized silhouettes consumed by prints, with a dash of black, topped with a wrist full of bling and hands full of knuckle dusters”.

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