Zoe Sernack is an artist who has been exhibiting for the last 14
years around Australia. Within the last 10 years she has also been
a buyer/designer of accessories for boutiques in Sydney and she
soon realized her love for creating jewellery in an artistic way. In 2005,
she launched her own label, wanting to create something different,
original and with beautiful contemporary form. 

The name "zoemou" translates to "my life' and was given to her as
a childhood nickname while living on the Greek Islands. A young Costa,
would come looking for his playmate, "Where is my zoemou?
Inspired by art noveau designs, typically produced in Paris in the
1920's, Zoe has created striking range of laser-cut necklaces. 

She says of her designs; "I love working with a natural material that
has been used since time began". Because of her artistic background,
she is constantly creating. 
An ever evolving talent, Zoe strives to 
create different ranges and now designs with materials such as gold,
silver and resin.

Zoemou has been seen on the pages of Vogue And Harpers Bazaar,
on the catwalks at Fashion Weeks and also has a celebrity following.
Zoemou is stocked in exclusive boutiques in Australia,
New Zealand, USA and Europe.